Candle Care Kit

Candle Care Kit

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Our beautifully designed candle care kit includes everything you need to care for your candles.

Candle care is an important aspect which improves the safety, regulates the burning time and prolongs a candles life. Our Candle Care Kits come with three important and functional tools.

The following includes Wick picker, wick trimmer, candle snuffer, tray & storage cloth bag.

WICK PICKER - This nifty tool helps pick the candle wick when it curls over. This assists with lifting up the wick without damaging the pick.

WICK TRIMMER - Before lighting, always trim the wick to about 6mm and remove any wick debris. This encourages an even burn whilst helping to eliminate dripping, smoking and excessive “mushrooming” We recommend the use of a Wick Trimmer with wick measure for best results.

CANDLE SNUFFER - An essential candle accessory. The candle snuffer safely extinguishes the candle and removes the risk of blowing or spilling wax onto yourself or your furniture.

TRAY - To keep all your tools kept together on the tray.

CLOTH BAG - To store and keep everything protected.